K0DA: Crocheted Creations


Last year I took up crocheting.  Pretty much the only thing I have ever managed to make are beanies.  I started out with a single color selection, then wanted to make something more multi-colored, so I bought yarn that had coexisting colors.  Finally I figured out how to fuse two separate single colors, too, and realized that that’s also how I like my music:  intricate, infused, blended, beautiful.

A blend of bass and blues, guitar and grooves, K0DA is forward-thinking, funky fun.  He is a duality of dance and something different: a combination of current and classical, a jam journey of jazz joined with other genres. Hip hop to electronica, rock to retro, K0DA’s music is improv infused, indie and indigenous.  Not just eager but educated, K0DA studied music in college and found his footing in the musical mecca of Austin before bringing his beats beyond the Texas borders and releasing his debut EP, “Collage,” in 2013.  On Saturday, May 17th, you can see him promoting his follow up, “De Capoa,” with guests Ouralias at the Voodoo Lounge in Wheeling for their Funk-Tron Basement Jam Saturday show.

From Charleston, WV, Ouralias is 60’s and 70’s rock blended with the best Appalachian Jam Band  sounds. Just the right mix of rhythm and roughneck, lyrics and lingo, Ouralias wears many hats.  Made up of members from many local bands, Ouralias – Scott Hannah- Guitars/Vocals, Jason Grant- Guitar, Zach Cochran- Bass/Vocals, and Ryan Canterbury- Drums, have several shows coming up.  Aside from the May 17th show they will also be performing their variety of vernacular May 23rd at The Backstage in Covington, Kentucky and May 24th with Mojomatic at The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV.

You can see both K0DA and Ouralias blend their selected sounds for $5, doors open at 9.  Although their styles come from separate strings, they conjoin their creativity into something seamless. They merge their musical influences and make something magnificent. Although they are a mixed bag of music, they are a crocheted creation, personal and unique, and they wear it well.






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