QueenEarth: Astronomical Artist


I’ve always felt a strong association with astronomy.  Stars can be informational indicators, showing the seasons.  They can be time tellers, age applicators.  They can come in constellations, making them fun to find, can share their stories of the majestic myths behind them.  Along with Oglebay Institute’s Schrader Environmental Education Center, who has a free astronomy program Thursday nights at 9 P.M. starting June 9th, the Smart Centre, who has free sky viewing during First Fridays downtown, and Grand Vue Park, who set their telescopes to the sky once a month, QueenEarth has been doing some stargazing, too.

When I last talked to QueenEarth you could find her at Farmer’s Markets singing “Wide Open Spaces” and doing other compatible covers.  She provided us with a plethora of musical moments, including a “Bills, Bills, Bills/Forgot About Dre.” medley that engaged everyone in the audience and brought Don Brown to the stage. Validating  a previous viewpoint that I had made, describing her delivery as “delightful and also diverse,” QueenEarth entertained fans with songs from her album Adult Contemporary. She was pointing her wagon west and working on a summer EP, that is now available.

The EP is a summer solace, starting with “Stargazer.”  In previous articles I’ve pointed out that “she can play a tranquil track, but she also has a fierce flow,” and “Stargazer” showcases both of those skills.  In “Enough” she imparts that she has “holes in my jeans, holes in my heart,” and seals the 3 song sneak peek with “Home.”  The songs tie back more to the tranquil kind of tracks she treats us with, a sunset followed by the first rising star.

More than just a music maker, QueenEarth has a masters degree.  I’ve bragged before that “she teaches tolerance, uses her artistry to advocate, and sings about social justice.” She travels with QueerCore, an educational concert for LGBT audiences and allies.  Their next performance will be a women’s weekend, July 4 – 6, in Portland, Oregon.  I previously postulated that “QueenEarth is no illusion, she is nothing short of spellbinding,” and while she is stargazing, I’ll be watching her – a luminary, a musical macrocosm, a creative cosmo, a star.




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