All Over the Place: Rhapsody Resolution


With a new year comes new things. January is rung in with resolutions, goals of good intentions, and belief in breaking bad habits.  The Earth is tilting toward more light as a new year begins, according to the Gregorian Calendar.  One more thing January gives us, a great gift, is new local music!

All Over the Place is an Indie Ska band from Berea, Ohio.  With two albums, a split, three demos, two EPs, and three singles under their belt, the band brings us a new release to revel in.  The Nowhere We Won’t Go EP features songs from their forthcoming full-length album, paired with  other exclusive, unreleased songs. The EP was released in December on Ohio-based indie label Flowerpot Records.

All Over the Place has a sound that is instrumentally intriguing.  With Wes Meadows on vocals, guitar, and trumpet, Kellen Bearden on bass and vocals, Andy Ondrejech on alto sax, Jesse Lowers on drums, Noah Crowe on trumpet and vocals, Tyler Schulte on guitar, vocals, trombone, and synth,  Tommy White on trumpet, and Emmet McGrath on trombone, the EP is a roulade of music to unwrap, with layers of savory sound.

The first song, “Nowhere We Won’t Go,” is energetic and catchy, a good song to start with.   “When you hear the siren sound, shut your mouth and be a saint, or face it on the ground, there is nowhere we won’t go,” the lyrics warn. The second song, “Be Just Like the Old Days,” is a contradicting collage.  Like a lot of their songs, it has an upbeat sound backed by some sad and serious themes.  ” “It took a while to figure out that all things I do amount to nothing, takes a moment of what it’s about to justify all the endless running.”

“Machine,” in the 3 slot, takes a different tone right from the beginning beat. “I run like a rickety machine, put me under ice and watch me freeze,” the song says. The fourth and final benefaction is a fitting musical outro.  All the songs on the EP are enchanting to the ears, with boisterous beat breaks from beginning to end.

For a band called All Over the Place, you can count on them to be consistent. With the music that they make, every release is a happy ska-liday!  Forging into their 5th year, the band just gets better and better.  Nowhere We Won’t Go is a rhapsody resolution we can all support!


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