Being Buffalo: Comfort You


This past month, as many have I’m sure, I’ve been working on my wellness. I’ve been getting more into holistic health, trying to be all-around ailment free.  I’ve been trying to re-focus, yet keep things fresh, be harmless and helpful.  One thing that I keep in restorative rotation, that is always stimulating and sustaining, is Being Buffalo.

Writing and performing together since 2008, Being Buffalo is beginning 2015 with a new single.  The song, which has an accompanying video, is called “Comfort You.”  With the integrity that I’ve come to expect from the London-based organic-folk-pop players, the song has a sound that soothes, it lifts the burdens from your bones.  With its simple superiority, “Comfort You” holds you in its harmony, cradles you in its consummation, alleviates the very aches that it alludes to.

In association with the organization Catching Lives, which helps to end homelessness, the song is the arms that will catch you if you fall, the offering of an always-outstretched hand.  The lyrics lullaby, “Remember that I have loved and lost, for all we know, that is all we’ve got.”  As adept as their acoustic version of April, and as excellent as all their EP’s, their music is matchless, and the new single is superb.  It isn’t just pleasing, it’s perfection, not just boss, but beautiful.

I ‘ve said before of Being Buffalo that they were a “musical jackpot.” With “Comfort You,” they’ve struck gold again.   “A practiced hand I’ll place in yours, that’s all I could have hoped for,” the song says.  Being Buffalo is everything I could hope for in a band.  I’ve said before that that their music is a “mood-changer,” their sound has healing qualities.  Like the essential oils that I use that make a difference when diffused, calming and comforting, energizing and invigorating, Being Buffalo makes me better with every molecule of music, every word, every note.

One thought on “Being Buffalo: Comfort You

  1. After reading your critique of Being Buffalo I must say I was intrigued and compelled to give them a listen. You were spot on with your description of them! I myself know about the therapeutic power of music, and I’m all about music which can soothe my soul. That being said thank you Sara for enlightening me about this band and giving me even more wonderful music to add to my collection. ☆☆☆☆

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