Sam Hunt Scores With Anti-Violence Video

Sometimes singers are not what you surmise.  You hear their song on the radio, and although it’s catchier than other current trends, you don’t expect them to do anything different, to use their platform to promote something other than what the song says.  However, Sam Hunt  faked the hand-off when everyone expected run, he went for the game-winner when everyone expected him to play it safe.  With his video for “Take Your Time,” a song lyrically about a boy in a bar, trying to get a girl alone, Sam put up some prevalent prevention points.

A former football player and starting quarterback at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which got him an invitation to training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs, Hunt is definitely worthy of rookie of the year accolades when it comes to country music. Not only has Hunt written hits for others,  like the Grammy-nominated “Cop Car” for Keith Urban, and credits on “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney, but his 4-song album preview, X2C, featured a top 5 gold selling track, “Leave the Night On.” He’s since went pro, with a publishing deal and a debut album, Montevallo, that has topped several charts since its release. His most powerful performance, though, is the stance he takes in “Take Your Time,” a video about domestic violence, a world-wide worriment that affects 1 in 4 women.

I am pleased with the play-call Hunt made for the video. I like that he made a slight adjustment, called an audible between the audio version and the video version of his song, made a key read, and came through with the clutch. Sam certainly scored by using his platform to shine a light on a subject that so many shy away from, that is so often silenced.  He is currently on tour, and you can see him soon at a show in the south, or catch him when he comes to Cleveland on June 20th.

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