Try As You Mic


As we know, the poetry path can be a long one.  It can be a metaphor misunderstood, a fork in the road to a final future, a detour to a bigger destination. It can be managed by meter, remembered by refrain, or free from rules and regulations.  On Saturday, June 20, 2015, several people went down the poetry path to perform at the 5th Annual Wheeling Arts Fest.

An array of artists offered originals and  shared their favorites.  Topics ranged from environmental protection to teenage angst.  Teachers took to the stage to tell of eye-rolling and reservations, of student resistance and success.  Even some pupils performed, both collegiate and high school.

Of the 3 high school students that performed, two were from John Marshall High School.  Jordan Peck and April Young both represent The Prosers, a creative club that performs publicly and is involved in many projects.  The third performer, Gabrielle Marshall, was a 2015 West Virginia Poetry Out Loud finalist.  The local creative community hosts many events around town, such as Artwork’s Around Town’s 3rd Fridays, and events at Oglebay Institute’s Towngate Theatre. Whatever way you’re headed, I hope our paths cross!

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