The Pussyfooters: Acoustic and All


Most of us have experienced life-altering acts, things that have happened to us that have challenged and changed us, for better or worse.  These existential events mark us, have a hashtag in our own history.  We remember who we were before them, and acknowledge who we are after. I have had plenty of my own before and after alterations – there was the sweet, selfish, simple girl who felt safe in her  benevolent bubble, and the hurricane that burst it, the pre-Katrina kid and the post-Katrina cleft. There are many more memories that I can pinpoint a past and present me, and then there are the projects I was working on while my life was changing.  One such project I am picking up the pieces to.

The Pussyfooters are one of my favorite local bands. Self-described as a “musical jambalaya,” they are comprised of the creativity of Howie Haught, Todd Hager, and Jeremiah Welch.  Last year I got to have my own immersion experience with them, got to see an up close and personal performance, acoustic and all.  Playing outside, behind them the backdrop of the mountains, and performing at a people-less playground, the project got put on hold for personal reasons.  Still reeling from that rare experience, the me then and the me now are ready to release it.

At the time when I was working on it, I wanted to save it for something big, keep it in the vault until I found the right reason to unveil it.  I had powerful plans and intermediate ideas, wanted to give it the great debut that it deserved, wait for the right reason to roll it out.  I was keeping it to coincide with what was coming for my platform, wanted it to be the big bang for my brand new series, but the more I watched it the more I realized I was doing a disservice by holding it hostage, that it didn’t need a backstory or a brand, it just needed to be heard.  This is marked in my history of one of my favorite musical moments, and one year later I am putting it public, a different person now, but still the same old fan of these fellows.



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